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Between 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm and between 6.00 pm and 10.00 pm.


Soup of the day with bread 5.50
Bruschetta with Mozzarella and Serrano ham 13,50
Goat’s cheese on toast with smoked salmon 14,50
Duo of Cheese and Duvel croquette 14,50
Duo of Prawn and Eel croquette 16,50
Scampi with farm butter – garlic – parsley 16,50
Tapas with southern bread 16,50
Tapas with southern bread for 2 24,50
Smoked salmon with salad 16,50
Scallops with shrimps 18,50


Salade goat cheese with bacon and appel 12,00/17,00
Salade goat cheese with honey and pine nuts (veggie) 12,00/17,00
Salade with seasonal vegetables and an assortment of fish 12,00/17,00
Salade with southern charcuterie 12,00/17,00
Salade with chicken and gambas 13,00/22,00
Veggie salade 8,00/11,00
Chicken salade with pinneaple and scampi 13,00/19,00


Vegetarian pasta with stewed courgette and aubergine 12,50
Pasta bolognese 12,50
Pasta with Roquefort sauce and sun-dried tomatoes 12,50
Pasta with anchovies and capers 15,50
Pasta carbonara 15,50
Pasta with smoked salmon and cod strips 17,50
Pasta pesto with Italian ham 17,50
Pasta with stewed cherry tomatoes and fried Chorizo 17,50
Pasta with chicken and scampi in a cream sauce, finished with tomato 18,50
Pasta Frutti di mare with gambas 20,50


Mushroom omelette 12,00
Onion and bacon omelette 12,00
Vegetable omelette 12,00
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon 12,00


Stir-fried vegetaria 15,00
Stir-fried chicken 17,50
Stir-fry with cubes of chicken and pork 18,50
Stir-fry of chicken and gambas 21,50
Chicken breast with choice of sauce 19,00
Pork tenderloin with grain mustard or pickle sauce 24,50
Steak with salad 23,00
Duvel fricassee of turkey 18,50
Beef stew with Trappist 18,50
Porterhouse steak with hot vegetables 26,50
Beef tagliata 23,00
Lamb fillet with garlic and southern stewed vegetables 25,00
Salmon fillet with seasonal vegetables 23,50
Cod on a bed of courgette and carrot 24,50
Gambas with cream sauce and dill 26,50
Eel in green 26,00


Milkshake vanilla, chocolate, mocha, ... 5,70
Milkshake  fruit based (banana, strawberry)(season) 6,70
Milkshake with eggnog 7,70
Milkshake with Baileys 7,70
Milkshake with Batida de coco 7,70
Ice cream on cone to carry, per scoop
not in the restaurant or on the terrace
Supplement whipped cream 1,20
Chocolate Fountain
Wide range bisquiterie, fruit, ...
From 8 persons - only by reservation


Pancake with sugar, syrup or jam 5,50
Pancake with sugar and lemon 7,50
Pancake with chocolate sauce 6,50
Pancake with ice cream 7,50
Pancake with chocolate sauce 8,00
Normandic pancake 9,50
Normandic pancake with ice cream 10,50
Pancake with banana and coconut 9,50
Pancake with butter 6,50
Sacchetti's pancake
3 chocolate crepes with 3 balls of ice creamand chocolate sauce
Pancake flambée choice
Crèpe Suzette with ice cream 9,50
Crèpe Suzette flambée with Grand marnier, with ice cream 11,00
Supplement whipped cream 1,30

Always a choice of: 
rice, mashed potato, new potatoes, pasta and fresh fries, jacket potato of chipped potatoes
Sauces: Meat juices, Provençale, béarnaise, pepper,
mushroom, Roquefort


Portion of olives 4,50
Portion of cheese 7,00
Mixed portion (cheese and salami) 8,00
Portion garlic breads with pesto 11,00
Portion "Some of everything" 11,00
Tapas plate with southern bread 16,50
Portion of hot mixed small bites 11,00


Soup of the day with bread 5,50
Toasted veggie sandwich with tomato,
mozzarella and pesto
Croque Sacchetti’s with mozzarella -
salmon – pesto
Toasted ham & cheese sandwich with salad 9,50
Toasted Hawaiian sandwich with salad 10,50
Croque Madame 10,50
Ciabatta with brie, honey and nuts 10,50
Ciabatta with Italian ham and Parmesan 10,50
Focaccia with chorizo, pesto, tomato and mozzarella 12,50
Assortment of cheeses with rolls 14,50

Market salad
Salad assortment with various meat garnished and rolls


Colourful salad
Salad assortment with variety of fish, shellfish and rolls



Tomato soup 4,00
Toasted ham & cheese sandwich 6,00
Toasted ham & cheese sandwich with salad 8,00
Scrambled egg with bread 7,00
Pasta bolognese 7,00
Pasta Vegetarian 7,00
Chicken with vegetables and puree 12,00
Mini beef stew with fries 12,00


New flavors:

  • Vanilla Bourbon
  • Pistachio
  • Strawberry
  • Mokka
  • Straciatella
  • Hazelnut
  • Chocolate
Trio at taste 6,70
Kids Ice Cream 5,70
Quattro at taste 8,70
Dame Blanche with warm Callebautchocolate sauce  8,70
Café glacé with vanilla ice cream and artisan coffee 8,70
Kiekes coupe (eggnog) 9,70
Coupe hot cherries 9,70
Coupe strawberries (in season) 10,70
Banana split with hot Callebaut chocolat 10,20
Coupe Brésilienne 9,20
Kaffee Sacchetti's 
3 bollen vanille roomijs, Amaretto en Baileys
Coupe Sacchetti's (seizoen)
Three scoops of vanilla ice cream, Baileys and Amaretto
Intense pleasure
3 scoops of chocolate, Baileys and caramelised nuts
100% pure pistachio
3 scoops of pistachio, Batida de coco and chocolate sauce
Create your own coupe with garnish
5 bulbs ice cream of your choice
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, vodka and ground coffee
Fatal chocolate
Chocolate mousse, ice cream three bulbs


Chocolate muffin 5,70
Supplement Sacchetti's (variety of small desserts) 6,70
Moelleux of white chocolate with chocolate ice cream 9,70
Apple strudel with ice cream, cinnamon andwhipped cream 8,70
Crème brulée with Bourbon vanilla 8,70
Tiramisu with Almond touch 8,70
Lemon meringue pie 8,70
Chocolate mousse d'origine chocolate 8,70
Verrasing Assortment 9,70
Assortment of cheeses 9,70
Moelleux d'origine chocolate with vanilla ice cream 9,70
Fresh fruit salad (in season) 9,70
Tasting desserts
A succession of desserts (3) our inspiration
served with a pot of coffee / tea or hot chocolate


Pancake with smoked salmon and herb cheese 11,50
Pancake with smoked salmon and Mozzarella 11,50
Pancake with ham and cheese 10,50

All of our dishes are homemade and are both fresh and healthy.
We take any allergies into account.

If you are coming for a quick business lunch, you can place your order beforehand.
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